The Process of Printing

Unfortunately, there’s no magic way to put designs and logos onto apparel. There’s many steps required to get a flawless print onto your shirts. Here’s how On Time Silk Screening achieves a beautiful print each and every time.

Step 1- Artwork

Depending on if you have a design already, or if you’re looking for help perfecting your logo, our artists have got the job covered. Once your design is submitted, our artists use a program called Adobe Illustrator to give your art some tweaks to help it print. They also assign colors and proportions. After that’s done, it’s printed onto a piece of film to prepare for the next step. While this is happening, your shirts (or pants, or bags, maybe a set of hats) are being shipped to our Cicero warehouse to prepare to be printed.

Step 2- Screens

If you take a look back to our “History of the T Shirt” blog, you’ll see that the ink needs to be put on the shirt through a screen. Once the artwork is printed, the film is put on a light table, and a mesh screen placed on top. The light burns the design into the mesh screen, and is then sprayed with a pressure hose to fully get the image onto the screen.

Step 3- Printing

The print process is simple. The screens made in the last step are taken and placed onto a print press. From there, your apparel is loaded onto the press, the screen is lowered down to the product, and ink is applied to the shirt via squeegee. Once the screen is lifted, your design is on! The product is then taken off of the press, and run through our 400 degree dryer for the ink to cure. It is then folded, packed, and shipped to you via UPS.

Ready to start your process? Visit our design studio!

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